Through positions in volunteerism and throughout my career, others have tested and trusted me with leadership opportunities. 

Volunteer Work


Raised in the Fletcher Hills area of El Cajon, I am a product of local schools, attending:

​Career Beginnings

After I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from SDSU, I began working for Handyman, Inc. as a management trainee. There I learned leadership lessons early from Ms. Irene Stallard, my mentor.  She taught me to lead by working alongside another, not away from one another.

While still working at Handyman, I decided to continue my education and began the Master of Business Administration program at SDSU.   After finishing my studies, I joined the Corporate staff in the Management Information Systems department, traveling to stores in Northern California providing training and support in the conversion from electronic cash registers to a centralized point-of-sale system.  Listening to the radio on the way to work one day, I learned Handyman was liquidating operations and closing down in three months.  After answering an ad in the paper for a similar job at Jack in the Box, I was offered a position and joined the iconic quick-service restaurant company.

Foodmaker, Inc. (Jack in the Box) 

I started with Foodmaker Inc., parent company of Jack in the Box, as a Point-Of-Sale Analyst.  This job taught me critical thinking skills, to anticipate many conditions and think of possible solutions to any obstacles.  

In 1990, I became the company’s Senior Marketing Analyst.  For 4 years, I learned the in’s and out’s of food service marketing (new products, promotions, brand marketing, media, pricing, rand more).  This job taught me the skills of working on large teams to reach a goal (often a new product launch), making deadlines, and building a consensus in various situations.     

In 1994, I moved over to Corporate Accounting to create the accounting structure for a new, in-house maintenance and repair department. Then in 1997, I resigned my position and moved down the street to work for Family Bargain Center (later renamed Factory 2-U), a retail discount clothing store based in Kearny Mesa.

Factory 2-U

As the company’s Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, I learned the skills of building budgets and forecasts, providing recommendations on adjustments to spending.   This would teach me valuable skills in reading financial statements and how to adjust operations based on results.

PostalAnnex+ Franchisee

In January, 2000, I decided to venture out on my own and purchased a PostalAnnex+ franchise in Rancho San Diego.  I owned that store for a little over 7 years, not only learning the risks of business but also enjoying the fulfillment of the dream of small business ownership. My experience in marketing came in handy as I not only marketed my own store in my community, but also led the 60-store San Diego owners’ advertising association in its efforts to raise awareness of the PostalAnnex+ brand.

Annex Brands/PostalAnnex+ Home Office

In May, 2006, there was an opportunity to lead the marketing effort for the company, I applied and was hired.  If you read my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see my job summary describes not what I do, but why I do it.  I’m very fortunate to head to work each day to a job I really enjoy, responsible for creating a marketing system and leading a top-notch team which aids individual franchise owners in fulfilling their dream of small business ownership.

Since joining the Home Office staff, I am fortunate and grateful the company has promoted me from Director to Vice President, Senior Vice President, and now Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer.  At 14 years, I am the shortest-tenured member of the executive team which tells you something about the excellence and loyalty of the other members of the senior staff.

Since 2006, we’ve grown from approximately 250 locations to now over 820, through a combination of new store growth and acquisition of other companies.  In that time, the Marketing department has gone from marketing one brand (PostalAnnex+) to now overseeing the marketing of 8 brands.

Faith, Family, and Friends

My faith, family, and friends are things I value most, that which makes me a better person to serve others.  When Lindy and I married in 2000, I got a bonus: not only a beautiful bride but a bonus of two beautiful girls age 9 and 13 at the time, Jordanna and Carly.  Up to that time, if there was anything good in me, it’s because of my parents, Lew and Ellen Goble, who now live in Carlsbad and raised us three boys to show respect for our elders, always be mindful of others in need, and never stop learning.  In 2020, they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary!

Where All This Fits for El Cajon

All of this experience, from Information Technology, Accounting, Marketing, and Small Business Ownership, mixed with a strong foundation of faith, family, and friends, has provided me a breadth of skills valuable in helping lead the City of El Cajon.